Whitefish Livers
Fresh whitefish fivers, seasoned and pan fried- with onions and green green peppers....$8.99

Trout Cakes
Generous blend of fresh hike trout, diced vegetables and herbs, served with
side of raspberry shallot butter ....$7.99

Whitefish Fingers
Fresh cuts of whitefish filets lightly breaded and gently fried served with lemons & tarter sauce...$7.99

chowderMozzarella Sticks
Lightly & breaded and deep fried mozzareda served with marinara dipping sauce....$6.99

Chicken Wings
8 crisp wings served with homemade BBQ sauce or buffalo style....$7.99

Breaded Onion Rings....$4.99

The Village Inn Fish Chowder
For over 25 years people have enjoyed our homemade chowder. We blend fresh trout & white fish with russet potatoes, sweet onions, corn, parsley, butter & cream....Cup $3.75 BOWl $5.99
-Salads & Pasta-

Ceasar Salad
Romaine tossed witfi fresh parmesan cheese, oven roasted croutons and our Ceasar dressing. Includes a breadstick, $7.99 Chicken Ceaser Salad $10.99

Fettucini Marinara
Fettucini pasta topped with a rich garlic, cream & Parmesan sauce....$11.95

Chicken Marinara....$13.99 Shrimp Marinara....$15.99

Fettucini Alfredo
Fettucini pasta topped with a rich garlic, cream & Parmesan sauce....$11.99

Chicken Alfredo....$14.99 Shrimp Alfredo....$16.99

Wild Mushroom Ravioli
Wild-mushroom stuffed ravioli drizzled in a light olive oil & garlic sauce....$13.99
Include Shrimp & Scallops....$17.99

Butternut Squash Ravioli
Squash steed ravioli drizzled in a fight olive oil & garlic sauce....$13.99
Include Shrimp & Scallops....$17.99

-Dinner Menu- available after 5pm

Dinners include homemade soup or salad, Local made cheese spread, choice of baked
potato, hash browns, french fries, Tator Tots, rice pilaf or Cornucopia Shore Potatoes
(sliced, seasoned & fried with green peppers & Onions)

Roasted Pork Shanks
slow roasted porkshanks set with homemade dumplings & sauerkraut or BBQ glaze....$14.99

Tenderloin Filet
8oz hand cut, bacon wrapped for tenderness!....$19.99
add mushrooms or onions $1 ea.

Village House Tenders
Our house tenders are grilled e). sliced more tender you won't find....$16.99

Ribeye Steak
12 oz. U.S.D.A. choice eye of rib....$18.99

From the Waters
Trout Florentine
Fresh trout layered with spinach and artichoke cream, wrapped in a french puff pastry....$16.99

Trout Cake Dinner
Two large cakes with a dollop of raspberry-shallot butter....$13.99

Jumbo shrimp broiled; hand battered or deep fried....$18.99

Lighter fair shrimp....$13.99

Our Lake Superior fish is caught daily By Harvorson's Fisheries. located at cornucopia's harbor
Cheese Spread By: Corny's Own Gourmet Dip Kits

Full Rack of Ribs
Tender, slow roasted ribs, seasoned & topped with our own sauce.....$19.99
1/2 Rack....$14.99

Top Sirloin
8oz. U.S.D.A. choice sirloin, done to your specfication....$12.99

Chicken Kiev
Parsley & butter filled breast of chicken on wild rice w/hollandaise....$12.99

Half Chicken Dinner
Marinated and Baked....$12.99

Chicken Strip Dinner....$9.99

BBQ Chicken breast Dinner....$9.99

Specialties of the Inn

Lake Superior Whitefish
Broiled or deep fried....$14.99

Lake Superior Trout
Broiled or deep fried....$15.99

Whitefish Livers
sauteed with onions & green peppers....$15.99

Blackened Whitefish
Spicy seasoned & broiled whitefish set with drawn butter....$16.99

Cornucopia Almandine
Butter broiled trout or whitefish ladled with hollandaise, topped with toasted almonds & Coconut....$16.99


 All Selections include Brew City fries and pickle.

Third Pound Hamburger $7.50
Cheeseburger $7.75
Grilled breast of Chicken $8.99
Jumbo Hot Dog $6.25
Black Bean Burger $8.99
Grilled Cheese $5.25


Village Inn Nightly Specials

Monday -Mexican

Shrimp $12.99

Macho Nachos....$8.95
with chicken or shrimp....$12.99

Seafood Chimichanga....$12.99

Big Honkin Taco....$8.99
with spanish rice or beans

Ground Beef....$8.99

Whitefish Taco....$8.99

Tuesday Steak Night
8oz. Sirloin stuffed-with blue cheese am itopped with mushrooms in wine sauce....$11.95

Wednesday ~ Spaghetti Night
Your choice of Meatball, Italian sausage or Veggie $8.95

Thursday - German Night
Enjoy home cooked German meats, prepared with Cheryl's moms recipes-and served with spatzle dumplings and red cabbage.
different choice each week

Friday Night Fish Fry
Includes Sandy's homemade rye rolls, coleslaw & dill Buttered potatoes
Fresh Lake Superior Trout ~ $11.99
Fresh Lake Superior Whitefish ~ $10.99

Saturday Night ~ Prime Rib
Slow roasted choice rib roast with soup or salad & potato
Village Inn Features

Bloody Mary Meatball Appetizers
Large Italian meatballs simmered in our homemade bloody mary sauce & served with a breadstick....$9.99

Smoked Trout Stuffed-Mushroom Appetizers
Large mushroom caps filled with a local sugar brown trout stuffing....$10.99

Fresh Trout Caesar Salad
Hickory and Molasses broiled trout filet served over a fresh Caesar with a balsamic glaze....$15.99

Balsamic Glazed Chicken Salad
All natural, free range chicken breast grilled and served over crispy romaine tossed with our poppyseed dressing and dried cranberries....$14.99

Charred Romaine Salad
Char-grilled artisan romaine with roasted tomatoes, red onion & blue cheese served with your choice of crisp fried Lake Superior Whitefish or sliced tenderloin drizzled with balsamic glaze and our homemade poppyseed dressing....$12.99

Tuscan Blue Tender
Our charcrusted house tender steak stuffed with blue cheese and carmalized onions....$18.99

Trout Florentine
Fresh trout layered with spinach and artichoke cream, wrapped in a French puff pastry....$16.99

Smoked Trout and Butternut Squash Ravioli
Local sugar brown trout tossed in a light cream sauce with Butternut squash ravioi....$16.99

Crisp Fried Three Cheese Jalapeno Ravioli
Italian breaded cheese and jalapeno ravioli served with your choice of marinara sauce or Italian cream sauce....$9.99